Our Mission

Guiding Those in Need

Welcome to KG True North!  We are a non-profit Christian Based Organization. Focused on helping people in need in the community as God leads.  Across the nation, we are connecting organizations and individuals with one another to get them the resources and assistance they need.

Our founders Bill Kyne and Tonya Grass started this organization in 2016 to help create synergy in what has become a complex network of organizations trying to assist various demographics of people in need. 


Reaching People

God bless you for not just walking past me and seeing me as a human being.

-Jimmy, Las Vegas

Helping Vets

Most people just pass by or sometimes hand me a buck or two. You cared enough to talk to me and hear my story and set me up with a place I can go for help. Thanks.

-Dave, New Orleans 

Supporting Organizations

Supporting Ronald in Denver and his organization to help the homeless locally with jobs.

Meet The Team

Bill Kyne

Bill Kyne has had a lifetime of experience working with those in need. After decades of personal journeys across the United States led him to touch the lives of many he partnered with Tonya Gross to launch KG TrueNorth to leverage their connections, resources and spiritual leadership to expand the impact they could have on those in need.

Tonya Grass

Tonya Grass is the main reason KG TrueNorth came to be. Tonya and Bill did volunteer work and charity work most of their lives. Creating a nonprofit organization to help those less fortunate than myself and lend a helping hand was always a vision. They wanted to do it without the red tape and rules of a lot of the other organizations out there. The idea was simple…”when we saw a need, meet it if we could.”