One of a Kynd Event

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Our One of a Kynd Valentine’s event started in 2001. After the death of Bill’s wife Kris he donated the flowers from her funeral to a nursing home. Bill brought them in himself and passed them out to the residents there. The sight of their faces lighting up as someone came in and gave them flowers for no reason helped to heal his heart. The next Valentine’s day an idea popped in his head to do it again. Purchasing a bunch of flowers Bill went back to the nursing home and passed them out. The reaction was amazing and the smiles and gratitude from these sometimes forgotten members of our society was incredible. After doing this every years since, 2017 was first year doing it as KG True North, we were able to give to three nursing homes in the Pinellas County area.

There are a lot of these residents and patients in these facilities who don’t get any visitors at all. A lot of them have lost their spouses and are forgotten by their family. At least once a year the least we can do is to let them know someone cares and someone remembers them on Valentine’s day. The recipients often ask who the flowers are from—We just tell them that they are from someone who cares and everyone gets love on Valentine’s Day.

If you would like to help contribute to help us expand this event or know of a facility that would really appreciate this type of event please let us know!