In Memory of Tonya Lynn Grass

In Memory of our founding partner and

CEO (Chief Executive Organizer)

Tonya Lynn Grass

Tonya Grass is the main reason KG TrueNorth came to be. Tonya and Bill always did volunteer work and charity work most of their lives. Creating a nonprofit organization to help those less fortunate than myself and lend a helping hand was always a vision. We wanted to do it without the red tape and rules of a lot of the other organizations out there. The idea was simple…when we saw a need, meet it if we could.

Both Tonya and Bill at some point in our lives had been helped by the generosity of others when we they down. This was a way to pay that back and then pay it forward. Tonya had a special passion for feeding people and making sure no one went hungry. She was curious why here in the richest country on earth people still went to bed hungry. She tried in her own way to help. Working with food pantries, food drives and backpack programs for schools. When we got together we did a lot of that together and expanded the backpack programs that helped homeless people get back on their feet as well as one of Bill’s passions to acknowledge the elderly by passing out roses to nursing homes on Valentine’s day.

As we did things together and Bill told Tonya of his dream of starting an organization of his own and Tonya’s response was “Well, why not just do it? What’s stopping you?” A good question! Being the CEO that she is, she did the research and we filed the paperwork to form KG TrueNorth. We did several events together and planned for many more. While she never got to see the full realization of the dream, she gave it the start it needed.

Tonya Lynn Grass lost her battle with cancer on July 22nd 2017. Through KGTrueNorth her vision, passion and energy live on.